10 Best Infant Toddler Bouncers and Rockers

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Introduction – 10 Best Infant Toddler Bouncers and Rockers

Babies have experienced 9 months of comfort in their mother’s wombs, the wombs providing them the warmth as they were developing and the rocking movement they experience as their mothers move along to do her duties.  Alas, comes the time they are born to the outside world and the simple comforts they enjoyed while in mom’s womb all but have gone:  the warmth and coziness, the rocking movement:  even the once silent world now becomes a myriad of many different sounds. Thus starts the never-ending journey to bring back baby to his comfort zone.

Infant-to-Toddler Bouncers vs. Rockers:  How They Differ

Infant-toddler bouncers are snuggle fit baby receptacles that are motion powered and may move or vibrate for some time depending on the force or “push” applied to the bouncer.  In time, the reaction to the push lessens the movements of the bouncer until such time that the bouncer movement stops. Unfortunately, when the movement stops, the baby feels uncomfortable so that a push or movement of the bouncer is needed again.

There are two types of infant rockers.  The more known is the bassinet rocker, which is also referred to sometimes as a sleeper or soother.  As the name connotes, this type of rocker may be used for overnight sleeping, being mechanically powered to create a vibrating or rocking movement to put the baby to sleep.  The other rocker is the baby-sized rocking chairs which are mechanically powered.  Though not meant to be used for overnight sleep, this type of rocker “grows” with the baby as it has a setting to allow for reclining of a new born as well as one which supports an upright toddler.

Advantages of Using an Infant-to-Toddler Bouncers

Infant bouncers provide moms with some relief as when there is something that mom has to do and she has to put down her baby.  The movement from the bouncer enables the baby to be rocked for a while so that the baby does not feel left alone.  The bouncer also provides for a safe but not so expensive baby equipment that will enable the baby to stay comfortable for some time.  Most of the best infant toddler bouncers are  ergonomically designed to support the still developing skeletal system of the baby.  Another thing going for the bouncer is that it does not have to occupy a big space so that small built spaces will not have problems with having one.

Disadvantages of Infant-to-Toddler Bouncers

Results of a study that was published on the motor development of infants who were allowed to use play-assist equipment indicated that motor development of infants who had prolonged use of this equipment showed lower scores on infant motor development as against those who had very little  use of the equipment who scored higher on motor development.  As there were no other tests done to corroborate this statement though, parents were just advised on the moderate use of the equipment at home.

Aside from the propensity to slow down motor development when frequently using the play-assist equipment, babies who regularly use the bouncer become more prone to having flattened head syndrome, due to the baby’s sleeping on the side where he is most comfortable with considering that the bouncer’s design secures him to a half-lying, half sitting position.  Also, as the bouncers are motion powered, babies who are awakened because of immobility of the equipment, try their best to have the equipment move so that they exert much effort if left unattended for periods longer than 20 minutes.

Precautions on the Safe Use if Infant-to-Toddler Bouncers

Although parents should be wary about possible effects of frequent use of infant-to-toddler bouncers, we cannot deny the fact that the baby bouncer is still one equipment where mother and baby can benefit even given small periods of rest.  The guiding principle should always be moderation in use and following safety and operational guidelines, i.e. use of the equipment only up to the allowed maximum age and only when the equipment is in good running condition.  Care must also be taken that the equipment is used on even floor surfaces to prevent it from tumbling over which could hurt the infant.

The following lists the 10 best infant toddler rockers and /or bouncers available in the market.  I hope you will be able to find one that will best suit your and your baby’s needs.

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Best 10 Infant Toddler Bouncers and Rockers


Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Geo Diamonds.

This infant-to-toddler rocker comes with a geometric diamond patterned detachable machine washable pad that comes in a cool blue hue.  It has a detachable bat-at entertainment overhead.  You can initially use it as an infant rocker and then transform it to a toddler rocker as your child grows.  This rocker can be effectively used for toddlers of up to 40 lbs.


  • low profile frame is perfect for newborns
  • does not bounce and has a kickstand so equipment can be steadied so as not to rock
  • switch on calming vibrations (runs on 2 C batteries)
  • toy bar which stimulates the baby’s senses while at play (detachable)
  • the 2-position seat recline enables the baby to adjust, having the seat reclined while still a baby and adjusted upright to transform the sleeper to a toddler rocker
  • the seat pad is detachable and machine washable and dryer safe allowing for easy cleaning
  • has a buckle that comes up between the legs to prevent falls: buckle is covered in soft material causing no irritation to the infant’s legs


  • the chair is not foldable and thus is not recommended for portability
  • the vibration comes off after a time so a sleeping baby may be awakened when this happens


Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer, Geo Meadow (One size)

This baby bouncer from Fisher-Price is human powered but comes with a mechanically operated (1D battery) gadget that adds a calming vibration to the bouncer.  It has a toy bar that the child can reach with his hands to encourage the development of motor skills and bat to develop eye and hand coordination.


  • the bouncer has a switch on the gadget that adds a soothing vibrating effect to the bouncer
  • the toy bar, while encouraging play, also helps develop motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination
  • the bouncer has an adjustable three-point restraint and is skid-proof
  • the seat pad is detachable and machine washable and dryer safe allowing for easy cleaning
  • the bouncer can easily be operated by foot when hands are busy with other things to do


  • non-availability of pad changes so at times blankets are used when seat pads are being washed
  • the battery for the vibrating gadget is not of the common size and hard to find


Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Floral Confetti

This infant-to-toddler rocker comes with a floral pink and orange design (but may be used for boys or girls).  The rocker has a mechanically operated vibrating gadget which gives a calming effect (2C batteries).  The rocker incorporates a removable toy bar with 2 animal bat-at toys.  You can initially use it as an infant rocker and then transform it to a toddler rocker as your child grows.  This rocker can be effectively used for toddlers of up to 40 lbs. This rocker  is a favorite when it comes to being one of the best infant toddler rockers available in the market.


  • low profile frame is perfect for newborns
  • does not bounce and has a kickstand so equipment can be steadied so as not to rock
  • switch on calming vibrations (runs on 2 C batteries)
  • toy bar which stimulates the baby’s senses while at play (detachable)
  • the 2-position seat recline enables the baby to adjust, having the seat reclined while still a baby and adjusted upright to transform the sleeper to a toddler rocker
  • the seat pad is detachable and machine washable and dryer safe allowing for easy cleaning
  • has a 4-point restraint buckle that comes up between the legs to prevent falls: buckle is covered in soft material causing no irritation to the infant’s legs


  • the chair is not foldable and thus is not recommended for portability
  • non-availability of pad changes


Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

This infant-to-toddler bouncer comes in 3 colors: pink, blue and red.  The bouncer’s name may be attributed to the pinwheel-like movement of the animal toys that are attached to the toy bar which can actually be easily detached with one hand.  The middle attachment of the toy bar is actually a mirror where the baby can enjoy watching his face as he happily reaches and bats at the 2 other toy animals.


  • the bouncer has breathable, soft velvety seats
  • the curved seat provides support and gives added comfort to the baby
  • the bright colors with which the bouncer is made up of adds to the excitement of the infant when laid on it
  • the vibrating gadget, when turned on provides a soothing and calming effect on the infant


  • Although lightweight, the bouncer is not foldable; if you would want to transport it, you would have to disassemble the bouncer
  • The bounder does not have an insert so newborns cannot readily use it.  It would have to take at least 2 months before a newborn can use this bouncer.
  • As the toy bar pulls off very easily, you cannot carry the bouncer by the toy bar;  it would be better to have the toy bar secured as the ease with which it can be detached may prove to be harmful to the infant/toddler
  • Although the batteries last a long time, it would have been better if the vibrating gadget would have a timer so that even if left open, the batteries would not be spent as much.
  • The rubber “feet” have to be adjusted always to keep the bouncer from skidding
  • The hanging toys on the toy bar are of the same length so that it is a bit hard and frustrating for smaller babies to reach out to


Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer, Multi color

This multicolored comfort curve bouncer from Fisher Price has  multi-activity toys attached to its toy bar:  a raccoon spinner and  deer clacker ring toys.  Baby will definitely enjoy the variety of activities he is able to do while comfortably snuggled in the comfortable seat while enjoying the soothing comfort from the bouncer’s vibrating gadgets.  The baby would almost feel as if she were always cradled in her mother’s arms.


  • The bouncer’s movement is subtle due to the very little pressure coming from the baby’s movements
  • The calming vibrations will allow for restful snoozes for the baby (1D battery)
  • The overhead toys serve to stimulate physical activity with the baby with the rolling of the raccoon wheel and the clacking of the deer rings
  • The seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe so it allows easy cleaning; equipment can be cleaned with anti-bacterial  wipes
  • The adjustable 3-point restraint ensures that the baby is safely strapped to the equipment while enjoying the bouncing equipment
  • The bouncer has rubber “feet” so it is skid-free


  • Cannot be used by new borns. Had to be at least 2 months or 6 lbs.
  • Bouncer does not recline but bounces back anyway.


Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock ‘N Play Sleeper, White

This equipment is an all-in-one play seat and sleeper.  The seat material is made up of white, deluxe, plush fabrics, has a head support and an insert to accommodate new borns. The sleeper rocks back and forth with just a gentle push.  The sleeper may be equipped with vibrating gadgets for a calming effect.  Clackers are also provided to engage the bay in simple play.  May be used by babies weighing up to 20 lbs.


  • Plush fabrics allow for a more comfortable sleep; white color exudes a clean germ-free feeling
  • Sleeper has a comfortable incline that helps set up baby for a restful sleep
  • Equipment just needs a gentle push to achieve rocking comfort for babies
  • Vibrating gadget may or may not be attached depending on user’s preference
  • Clacker edges are rounded to prevent sharp edges from injuring the baby
  • Sleeper can be folded for storage with just the touch of a button


  • Although marketed as a sleeper, caution should be taken not to have the baby sleep on it overnight as there is very little place to move and the uneven sleeping surface may injure neck muscles
  • Should not be used anymore if babies start to stand on their own.


Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper, Rainforest Friends

This rock and play sleeper is a play seat and sleeper in one.  Designed with drawings of the rainforest animals, this sets the tone for baby seeing his first animal friends.  The sleeper is equipped with an incline that allows for a more restful sleep for the baby.  The sleeper is also provided with a linkable teether which is a good aid for teething babies.  Can carry babies up with maximum weights of up to 29


  • Has a supportive seat back covered with soft fabric to help keep the baby elevated while resting
  • Needs just a gentle push to move the sleeper back and forth for a comfortable rock
  • Can be compactly folded for easy storage or portability
  • Equipped with a mechanical gadget providing calming vibrations to induce sleep
  • Has a three-point restraint that keeps the baby safely strapped to the sleeper
  • Machine washable sleeper pad for easy cleaning
  • Can be easily assembled


  • Because of the curved shape of the sleeper, the baby would usually try to find a comfortable position on the sleeper.  Unfortunately, the position a baby may choose to be in may result to him having a flat head syndrome as he may be positioning his head in one steady position where the same part of his head almost always touches a flat surface of the sleeper


Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker

This newborn-to-toddler portable rocker has adjustable features that enable it to work as a newly born rocker to a toddler rocking or stationary chair.  The attached toys will definitely give the infant a great time of play what with its colorful pattern as well as variety in activity.  The beautiful color of the equipment will be one the baby would want to grow up with as he graduates to a rocker sitting toddler.


  • Can be transformed from being an infant rocker to an infant seat for playing to a toddler chair
  • The rocker mat seat can be machine washed and dried for easier cleaning
  • Can be folded for easy storage or transport
  • Has a low profile frame which is safe for new borns
  • Has a vibrating gadget that enables smooth rest in the rocker
  • The toy bar can either be swung away to allow for nap time or may be detached
  • Can hold toddlers up to 40 lbs.
  • has different settings that allow the baby to sleep, to eat at mid setting and to sit upright to allow for play
  • The bright colors and the toy variety makes it a good seat for playing:  baby can play for hours on end without getting bored


  • The rocker is built low to the ground and as the rocker can take babies as heavy as 40 lbs., the baby’s feet stick out
  • Toys are hard plastic so that they slip and bounce during play


Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock ‘N Play Sleeper, Soothing Savanna

This rock and play sleeper mimic the soothing comfort savanna grasslands are known for.  The turn of a switch provides a calming vibration that soothes the baby to sleep.  This plus the comfortable incline of the sleeper makes for undisturbed rest for the baby. The plush head support and baby insert enable the use of the rocker/sleeper even by a newborn.  It is a sleeper and playtime seat in one.


  • Functions both as sleeper and play seat
  • Has deluxe insert and seat pad which are all machine washable and dryer safe
  • Matching white color exudes coolness
  • Sleeper rocks with just a gentle push
  • Can be folded easily for easy portability and/or storage
  • Vibrating gadget adds soothing comfort to baby while asleep


  • The base of the rocker squeaks when the equipment is pushed to rock
  • The sleeper was designed for a newborn; ergo, the mat and insert are such that they keep the baby warm. Thus, for a baby who is more than just a newborn, this might result to profuse perspiring as the bigger infants would not want as much warmth.
  • As the rocker/sleeper does not have a flat base, the center of gravity is dependent on how the baby has positioned himself in the sleeper: thus one cannot expect a 100% forward and backward motion-sometimes motion may gravitate more towards one side
  • it makes sense to get a mechanically operated rocker/sleeper as manually having to rock the sleeper gets in the way of having a peaceful and restful sleep, especially for the mothers.


Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker, Bunny

The Bunny infant-to-toddler rocker is surely one rocker that your baby can grow with.  Initially, it can be used as a reclining seater for feeding the baby, then as a rocker/sleeper, and eventually a rocking chair for the grown toddler.  The toy bar (which may be detached during sleep) has bat-at toys (flowers and butterflies) which the child can play with.  It also has a musical butterfly that can stimulate the child’s listening skills.


  • Considered to be one of the  best infant toddler rockers  that grow with the baby:  from a reclining play seat where baby may be easily fed to an upright rocking chair that the toddler may opt to use as a stationary seat
  • The rocker is designed such that the baby is introduced to knowing what some of the safari animals are and they are presented in a friendly, play-like manner
  • The rocker’s colors were chosen to further stimulate the child’s senses
  • Rocker parts are either detachable or movable to accommodate the different rocker’s functions: from serving the play needs of the infant to providing a kickstand that would ensure the stability of the rocker when used as a stationary chair
  • Rocker cradle is styled so that it has a deep cradle seat that is ideal for use by new born babies
  • Rocker is provided with a vibrate button that adds soothing comfort as the child takes a nap
  • Buckle closure from the underside of the seat ensures that the baby does not fall or slip-off the rocker
  • The seat pad is machine washable, dryer safe, and can be taken off and put back very easily
  • The inclined seat allows support smaller infants when they are still not able to hold themselves upright


  • Proper use of equipment should be followed.  Some users reported that the parts seem to separate from the sides after quite some time:  this could either be because they may not be very particular about the weight requirements or the equipment has received a banging from its users:  this equipment is plastic and can only take on so much weight.  Had the user limited the use to children within the allowable weight requirements, then the separation problem might not have happened.


The preceding review had presented to you the best features as well as the “quirks” of each of the different styles of the best infant toddler rockers and bouncers available.  Although there may seem to be very little difference among the features of some equipment, still, these differences have to be taken into consideration when selecting the  best infant toddler bouncer or rocker  for your child.  Rocker attributes like leg room, incline, ability to keep your baby asleep, and motivation provided to improve motor development are just some of the factors you might take into consideration.  But of course, the best person to judge which best infant-toddler rocker or bouncer to use is your baby!

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