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Your child’s safety is your concern ever since your pregnancy started and you will continue worry about them as the days, months, and years go by. Ensuring your baby’s security is not an easy task to do as a parent. More often than not, it is one of the most crucial things to do when it comes to parenting.


Parents, especially mothers, do not want to be far away from their baby especially when they are at the newborn and infant stage. Mothers make a conscious effort to provide the best care and love for their sons and daughters.


In this digital age, it might be easier to take good care of babies. But don’t get careless. There’s nothing more reliable than a parent’s love and quick reflexes when it comes to baby care. Always check if something is doable, feasible, and safe for any of the baby’s needs and requirements. Getting a nanny might be the best answer if you wish to continue working and getting help with raising your child. But trusting other people is quite a challenge especially since there are often seeing news reports on television about careless nannies and babysitters who can sometimes forego their duties and could result in your baby getting hurt.


Whether you are a career-driven mom or dad, a homemaker, or a hobby enthusiast, you need to monitor your child’s safety in all ways possible. Hence, the rise of all sorts of video baby monitors on the market.


What is a Video Baby Monitor?


Technology plays a great role in making video baby monitor possible and accessible for concerned mothers and fathers. This handheld device records and provides you with a real-time update of how your baby is doing – whether he/she alone in bed, with your nanny, or simply tucked in and quietly playing.


A video baby monitor can assist you in keeping a close eye on your baby’s activity wherever you are – in the office, in another room at home, and even out of town. Being close to your baby and monitoring each movement is vital for his/her growth and knowing that he/she is safe with whoever he/she is with.


These monitors are useful for anyone who is taking care of a baby at home. Whether you are the nanny, the mother, or a grandmother, monitoring the baby’s ways and movements are big for you.


These monitors can range from capturing images to recording videos to document the baby’s milestone, reviewing it, and having a souvenir. It is precious to not miss anything about your baby while he/she is growing up and building his/her own personality.


Video baby monitors are utilized not just at home but also in kinder-garden schools, pre-school workshops, and playgrounds to serve as a miniature CCTV camera to monitor every minute of a child’s whole day.



Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


Infant Optics is one of the recognized brands that delivers top quality baby monitors on the market. The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is the first baby monitor that is equipped with a unique interchangeable optical lens.


You can stream a real-time video on its 3.5-inch LCD screen in color display that provides a crystal-clear view of your baby. The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor has IR night vision, two-way talk, remote temperature display, and sleek compact design for portability. It is also expandable up to four cameras to maximize its use anywhere in the house.




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Baby Monitor, Video Infrared Night Vision Camera with Wireless Digital 2.4” Color Screen


This Baby Monitor has an infrared night vision camera that works well with room temperature sensor and has an easy to install setup. The Baby Monitor Video Infrared Night Vision Camera also has a 2.4G wireless digital encryption and can be used without any application download required.


Baby Monitor may not be a known brand, but it is considered underrated. With its portability and usage, its lifespan is even elongated because it can be charged using any power bank. It will be easy to keep an eye on your little one with the Baby Monitor Video Infrared Night Vision Camera.





Baby Monitor with HD Camera Infrared Night Vision Two-way Talk Back System for Baby Security Including Corner Shelf


This video baby monitor has an HD camera with infrared night vision. Its two-way talk back system is very useful for monitoring and talking to the baby up front even when you are not in the room. Upon testing, we have even successfully tried the Baby Monitor with HD Camera Infrared Night Vision Two-way Talk Back Systems’ built-in lullabies to help calm down a baby and put him to sleep.





ANMEATE Digital 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Monitor


The ANMEATE baby monitor comes with a high-quality color LCD screen with a 2.4-inch display. It has a simple plug-in camera that requires no application downloads and a two-way talking or communication system to easily reach out to your baby.


We really like the no application download of this device. The ANMEATE Digital 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Monitor is also easy to install in a baby’s room, and you can use it right away once it arrives on your doorstep.





ComfortCam Pro HD Baby Monitor


The ComfortCam Pro offers an HD remote viewing monitor via a wireless connection. It can be secured via your tablet or smartphone device for easy baby monitoring. It offers a flexibility of 350 degrees pan and a 120-degree tilt to navigate the camera. The ComfortCam Pro HD can also be paired with your chosen handheld device such as a tablet or smartphone.


The ComfortCam is a bit simple compared to other brand. However, it still provides many useful features that are essential for every mom and dad.





HelloBaby 3.2-inch Video Baby Monitor


The HelloBaby comes with a 3.2-inch baby monitor that also has night vision, temperature sensor, and two-way talk back system. During the review, we were delighted to find out that the brand is offering warranty and after-service requests. We like that the HelloBaby 3.2-inch Video Baby Monitor also has a lullaby setting for the baby and a controllable brightness and sound volume.


The Hello Baby’s lullaby setting is very useful. It was a piece of cake to put our baby to sleep, and this baby monitor helped calm him at night, even if we were at work or were doing house chores.





Amcrest Video Baby Monitor


The Amcrest Video Baby Monitor is one of the baby monitors that comes with good aesthetics and physical attributes. Just like other brands, it has infrared technology that gives a good resolution even if viewed at night.


The Amcrest Video Baby Monitor comes with a wireless monitor with adapter, a Li-polymer rechargeable battery, and a mounting screw and anchor for sturdier output that won’t harm your baby even if he/she is moving.





HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera


The HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera comes with a nice small projector that reflects patterns and colors on the ceiling that your baby can enjoy. During the review, we were ecstatic to try out the projector pattern of this video baby monitor.


The HOLABABY P1 HD Video Baby Monitor Camera also has inside lullabies and nature sounds that can bring relaxation to your baby and soothe him or her to sleep.





AXVUE E620 Video Baby Monitor


The AXVUE E620 Video Baby Monitor has the largest baby monitor out of our top 10 list. It is equipped with a 5.0-inch LCD screen with up to 8 hours life span and adjustable angles. The AXVUE E620 Video Baby Monitor also has a neat appearance that is suitable to any of your baby room’s design and setup.


We are glad that the AXVUE E620 Video Baby Monitor has a long-distance privacy wireless transmission of up to 800 feet. It also prides its automatic infrared night vision. Indeed, it is designed for parents who long for peace of mind while monitoring their babies.





Summple Wireless Digital Baby Video Monitor


Summple is one of the rising brands when it comes to video baby monitor. As we reviewed the Summple Wireless Digital Baby Video Monitor, we were impressed with the device’s motion and sound detector. It also supports music uploading for your baby to enjoy. Music can be from any of your device – smartphones, tablets, or any other music player applications.


The Summple Wireless Digital Baby Video Monitor comes with a neat feature and different colors suitable for your aesthetics.




Buying Guide for Video Baby Monitor

Not all the users like all features at the same way. And there are some extra features to any products you may avoid. There are some things that may differ in every product that are accepted by diverse types of users. We are evaluating several things to help you choose the video baby monitor for your baby as per your choice and necessity.

Why You Need a Video Baby Monitor?


A video baby monitor is now considered to be one of the most essential instruments in parenting. Here, we lay down the advantages of using this piece of technology to keep an eye on your little one.



The main concern of parents, specifically mothers who are getting a video baby monitor is for their baby’s security. Parents still can’t help but be concerned, especially if they are working with a nanny or babysitter for the first time. A mother and father will still often feel the need to keep an eye on how their baby is doing and how he/she is being taken care of will always be their priority.


This way, you can also have an additional security tool that will make you feel at ease wherever you may be. These monitors send notifications and other alerts if something strange is happening to your child.


Keeping an Eye on Your Little One

If you are a career-driven parent, you are torn whether to push through with your career or take good care of your baby personally. With a video baby monitor, it is not difficult to decide on what you want to do. Parents now choose to invest on these devices so they can monitor their babies while they are at work, out of town, or doing other activities outside their homes.


Sleep Monitoring

If you are not co-sleeping with your baby and still want to know how he/she is doing at night, these monitors are the answer to your needs. These handheld devices can help you look after your baby even when he/she is in the other room. You can clearly see if she is wide awake, soundly asleep, hungry, or pooped.


video baby monitor


A video baby monitor can assist you in keeping a close eye on your baby’s activity wherever you are – in the office, in another room at home, and even out of town. Being close to your baby and monitoring each movement is vital for his/her growth and knowing that he/she is safe with whoever he/she is with.

Things to Consider When Getting a Video Baby Monitor


We want parents to have the best tools at their disposal so it is easier to watch over your little ones. Baby monitors often feature wireless connections, encryptions, mobile applications, and the like. But what matters most is the features and specifications to consider. In this list we have included important features that you should consider when getting a video baby monitor that is perfect for your baby monitoring needs.


To maintain your baby’s safety and security, what you need to choose is a video baby monitor that offers great quality and durability. Make sure you purchase a high-quality baby monitor with the following useful features:


Choose Wireless

Going wireless can give you the most convenient monitor. You can navigate around the house, finish your chores, or even go outside and do other activities. Wireless baby monitors can be easily snapped to your belt or laced anywhere on your body.


Sound-Activated Light

To make the most out of your baby monitor, we recommend that you choose a device that has a sound-activated light. This will let you know instantly if the device has notifications or if it has picked up occurrences of your baby being at risk while you are in a different room.


Low-Battery Indicator

Baby monitors will not be of any use if it runs out of battery. You might not see or hear if the baby calls for you, and this can be dangerous if they have had an accident and are in need of your prompt attention. With a low-battery indicator, you can easily determine if the device needs to be charged or if it requires a battery change.


Wi-Fi Powered

Some video baby monitors on the market are wi-fi enabled. This can allow you to connect your video monitors to your smart phone or tablet to further secure your child’s safety.


Night Vision

To monitor your baby’s state at night, choose a video monitor that also has night vision. This provides a clearer view of your baby even though the lights are off in their room.



To get the full benefits of your video baby monitor, look for one that can be connected to bigger screens like TV or computers. In this way, you can easily see the movements of your baby far from the small screens your video baby monitor provides.



When getting a video baby monitor for your child, you must also consider its affordability. In choosing a baby monitor, it pays to go with a model that offers for money and is cost-efficiency. There are affordable products and brands on the market, but not all of them are worth considering. Some models can cost more but are not good enough to purchase so check out our list to make sure that you get your money’s worth.


Quiet Level

To keep your baby sleeping soundly, consider getting a video baby monitor that is functionally quiet. Top quality video monitors do not make any sound to not disturb the baby. Parents consider this as one of their top requirements because they are always after their baby’s comfort and convenience.


This is also the reason why a lot of baby monitor brands in the market are paying more attention to innovating and developing a quiet device. Some manufacturers find it hard to develop a quiet baby monitor, but given these advanced parts, it is easier for them to design newer baby monitors that are quitter than current models.


video baby monitor

Conclusion and Recommendation


Your child’s safety should always be your top priority. Nowadays, despite all the advances in technology, it is easier to have access to a more secure and private connection to your babies wherever you are. As child protection and security is crucial today, we want you to have the best instruments to make parenting easier.


When choosing the perfect video baby monitor, it pays to take note of its quality, pricing, overall functions, and quiet level. Examining and reading reviews like what we have provided is a good starting point before purchasing any baby monitor on the market.


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