Acella Go Lightly Foldable Stroller with Self Locking Latch

A good comfy stroller is a prerequisite to making parenthood easy going and enjoyable and hence the Acella go lightly stroller has been designed to meet all your outdoor parenting needs and its features are somewhat as follows:

Basic features of Acella Go Lightly Stroller

  • It’s easily foldable so whether you are out for a play date, stroll in a park, shopping or just routine doctor’s visit this one is quite a perfect one especially if you are on a budget. I do have to sometimes use a cab to get to my friend’s place and this Acella Go Lightly stroller is just so easy to fold and has got fitted into most of the cabs that has come for me till date. I have really seen my friends with really expensive strollers facing this issue and hence I was very particular about this while choosing my stroller.
  • When not in use it can be folded very easily and can be stored in a little corner of your house. It is indeed light weighted and is reasonably easy to handle. I keep it in my laundry room very conveniently and I rarely have any access problem due to that.
  • The multi-position reclining seats is something essential in order to make your little one feel comfortable when asleep or awake. You will always find it very useful when you have done a few extra shopping or maybe when you needed to carry some extra diapers and essential needs for a day trip with family or friends. Now it’s quite usual that whenever I go out I do go to the shopping mall to check out if there is some good deal. The other day I was getting a set of towels and some bathroom products for a good deal and finally, I ended up buying not only bathroom accessories but few extra clothes and accessories for my baby. So, all of that got fitted into the basket below and my baby didn’t really complain.

Front comfort ride shocks and stylish accessories:

  • The Acella Go Lightly stroller provides comfort during any unprecedented jolts and bumps and this makes it be kept at the top of the criteria list when choosing one. This feature not only takes care of the safety side but also makes the infant or toddler feel secured and comfortable riding it.
  • The Acella Go Lightly Stroller has an adjustable canopy which is quite common but the transparent window is quite perfect.
  • The accessories are quite ok I would say. I mean may be not very classy but smart.

Might not be suitable for flight Travel:

  • Since the weight of the stroller is approximately 23lbs which is not really heavy but might not be a perfect fit for flight travels which can be a matter of concern. But it sometimes can be possible for some airlines to allow you few extra lb. It is somewhat more sturdy than an umbrella stroller and much less heavy than a fully equipped expensive one.
  • The Go Lightly stroller has no car seat included in it but accepts most of the comfy carry series accessories and so basically you do not really need to worry much about it.


The stroller encompasses all the features to cater to all your necessary needs and it is cost effective at the same time. It is pretty well equipped and the look is also quite smart and sturdy. Apart from all these the materials used and the design might not be very funky and fashionable but definitely long lasting for sure.

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