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What is a Breast Pump?


Technically speaking, a breast pump is a device which assists in the task of extracting milk from the breasts of a lactating woman. However, if you look beyond that, it is so much more! A breast pump is a device which enables a woman to balance both aspects of their lives perfectly. They may start a family while actively working because of this wondrous device which allows them to collect and store milk for their baby. Only in 1990, 47% of American women had found their footing outside their homes. That number shot up to 60% merely nine years later. One can imagine what the statistics might be like in the modern generation that we live in today. The society often tries to superimpose their gender norms upon women by asking them not to work after delivering a child. With today’s modern women, this should not be the case and a breast pump only makes your task easier. It helps you enhance your milk production as well as feeding your child when you’re not around. In simpler terms, this is a device handcrafted to help you maintain the delicate balance between your work and home.


Why do you need a Breast Pump?


This product helps you accomplish many-a-goals in your career while not worrying about feeding your child back at home. Other than that, a breast pump helps increase your milk supply by stimulating milk production. It helps feed those premature babies who cannot latch onto the nipple. Moreover, engorged breasts are quite painful for any woman. A breast pump helps relieve you of that pain as well. In the rare cases of problematic pregnancy, if advised by the healthcare provider to rest, you may rely on a breast pump to ease everything for you. In cases of some babies, if the baby isn’t nursing well, a quality pump helps maintain the milk supply. These are some of the situations where you might need to purchase a breast pump for your own well-being. It helps you in every way possible, be it nursing your child or maintaining the balance between your work and home.



Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump


The electric breast pump, considered by some to be the best breast pumper boasts of a plethora of features which endears it to the busy mothers who use them. Other than ticking off all the relevant must-haves such as appropriate milk production, finishing the suction process as soon as possible etc., it caters to its users by incorporating in it a few other exclusive features as well.


For starters, they ensure that a very low noise comes from the pump. With inconspicuousness as well as subtlety in mind, this device helps mothers use it at night with ease due to its -4 to 11 dB noise level. It has double cores for its dual sides. The arms of this pump come with independent air pumps to drive either side. While pumping the milk, vacuum level is also sufficiently maintained. The vacuum is very strong with 9 grades. It uses a milking funnel which offers suction adjustment. Suction adjustment is important because it satisfies different preferences of different users without any qualms. It even has a double frequency exchange massage which supports the function of fast sucking. This pump also has the automatic memory function which remembers the used operation settings— saving quite a lot of time for the busy mothers by automatically syncing to the last settings immediately.




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The First Years Double Breast Pump, Quiet Expressions


The Quiet Expressions Double Electric Breast Pump has a number of excellent features which make it desirable to the working woman as the best breast pumper in the current market. If you’re someone who has to walk the fine balance between work and home life, then you’re in luck! This breast pumper covers all of the features you deem essential for a breast pumper. This pumper is quite a catch with the brilliant features it incorporates into its tiny self. The said features are listed below.


It is quick, efficient and extra quiet. Weighing less than two pounds, this breast pump helps you pump out milk from both your breasts easily. It has eight suction level settings along with the electric plug-in operation and the gentle Flexi-fit breast shields which create a perfect fit for everyone. It is comfortable for the mother whose sensitive lactating breasts are quite safe within the breast shields. Moreover, it works really fast and enables you to double pump at your ideal speed. One of the other qualities it ticks off is that it is very quiet. Women mostly wish for a breast pump that is inconspicuous and can be used without attracting much attention. This is accomplished by this breast pump with ease. It is either electrically operated or battery operated and comes with two 5oz breast flow bottles along with lids.





Aweso 4U Electric Breast Pump, Double Breast Pump


Combining the power of two electric motors and considered among the best Breast Pumpers, this 2-phased model (stimulation and expression) replicates the exact sucking mechanism of a small baby. Each of the two phases are adjustable when it comes to the suction pressure and also, both can be leveled at equal pressure as desired by the woman. The Double Electric power of the machine can enable the suction to go to a maximum of nine levels, for the most powerful of suctions and can maximize the amount of milk produced for the younger one.


The BPA-free innovative system of the machine ensures that there is no compromise on the quality and the hygiene of the milk even if they are sucked out on large amount. The valve at the mouth of the suction pump ensures that there is no back flow of the milk, which can cause discomfort to the mother as well as spill the milk. The steady flow of the milk is maintained by the sophisticated design of the system and working mechanism too, thanks to the double electric-powered motor.


The quality of the milk has not been compromised with even when you can easily fill 4 bottles (120 ml) of milk. Hence, the role of the bottles becomes equally important. With BPA-free milk bottle with dual teats, you never need to worry about the quality of the bottle in which you will be storing the milk. Also, the benefits of the milk are retained while you keep the milk in these bottles, but one thing that you need to ensure is that you should over-fill the bottle.





Nibble Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump Electric


Women who have used this have one thing in common to praise and that is the speed of this beautifully designed machine. This machine offers a wide range of speed suction pressure points, without actually making you feel that the machine is putting a little more effort on your breasts, making it stand out among the best Breast Pumpers. Like the first one, this pump also incorporates two air pumps, which gets the job done quickly and quietly. You can have the required amount of milk before you even realize.


Being in the list of the best breast pumpers, this air pump incorporates an LCD to help the mother understand all the process and the also, the statuses of these procedures. You can always use the LCD to monitor all the details of the amount of suction and the amount of the milk has been sucked out by the pump. In this way, mother can keep a better track of how the machines are handling the breasts.


This breast pumper is extremely convenient and is easy to use too. The cushions that have been provided at the cups protect the breasts from any mechanical damage or any other potential threats. They fit the breasts perfectly and are excellent when it comes to sucking at high speed and in large volumes; you wouldn’t even feel the suction force.





Freemie Hands-free and Concealable Breast Pump Milk System


The Freemie products have always been considered as the top products and with the introduction of the Breast Pump System, it can easily be said to be among the best Breast Pumpers. The hands-free approach is the greatest aspects of this pump and hence, you can easily use this even while driving or going for work. The design is sleek and will give you no trouble, no matter what you are doing.


As with most of the Breast Pumpers, this machine also has dedicated bra-like pads that hold the breasts in positions while the suction pumps do their job. So, talking about convenience, this pumper machine has long been considered as the most comfortable machines to indulge you into it.


Considering all the advantages of using this breast pumper, the main attraction is the package with what gets incorporated in this. Few of the best cups for collecting the milk and sucking it from breasts are provided in this package. In spite of all the collection of the cups, the nozzle has been quite simple and fits the entire cup in the best possible way. The nozzle is slick and thin to allow woman to start the process anywhere.





Electric Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery


This is among the very few Breast Pumpers to sport a dual mode- one mode that is capable of sucking the milk out of your breasts and the other one is capable of giving a nice massage to the breasts. This feature has been considered as extremely important by women, since breasts too, take a toll after the process.


The working of this machine is decent too, without the application of the AC power source. The best part of the machine is that it has 4-expressions phases with a dedicated memory function, to remember all the optimum settings according to your needs, so that you do not have to tune the machine every time. Cancelling noise, the pumper also ensures that the design and the working are ideal for breast pumping discreetly.


The pump’s ingredients include the food grade silicone, which is extremely necessary to maintain a decent breast feeding experience and also to retain the quality of the sucked milk. BPA-free, this pumper has an anti-reflex guard which acts as the valve and prevents the backflow of the milk.





Electric Breast Pump Single Comfort Breastpump


This Breast Pump is in the list of the best Breast Pumpers when it comes to the host of added features, not to forget about the versatility of the device. Besides functioning as the breast pumper, it also functions as breast massager that can ease the pressure on the breast after it is done with sucking the milk.


All things considered, this is one easy Breast Pumpers to get involved with. The controls are super easy and are mainly controlled by a single circular box that bears the settings of the entire pumper. With simple and intuitive controls, anyone can master the settings in the fastest of times.


Powered by one the best motors, this pumper has 9 levels of suction with a dedicated mode for massaging the breasts as well as the sucking the milk. Also, the breasts pad prevent any sort of nipple discomfort and the LED HD screen shows all the information (even at night) that you need to be aware of.




Buying Guide for Breast Pump

Not all the users like all features at the same way. And there are some extra features to any products you may avoid. There are some things that may differ in every product that are accepted by diverse types of users. We are evaluating several things to help you choose the breast pump for your baby as per your choice and necessity.

Types of Breast Pump


These are the main types:


Manual Pumps

This is the kind of pump that is recommended for women who do not use it very frequently. It requires a tedious process of manual labour consisting of operating a handle constantly to pump out the milk. It takes a lot of effort and time to use this pump and it isn’t as efficient as the other kinds of pumps at emptying the breast or stimulating sufficient milk.


Electric or Battery-powered Pumps

These are breast pumps that don’t run on manual labour. Instead, they either work with the help of battery or electricity. The electricity creates suction between the tubes and the breast which leads to milk extraction. You may even customize the degree of suction with the control panel that is provided with it. Some even have advanced features such as ‘let-down’. While some electric breast pumps are hospital grade, some are personal–use pumps. The difference lies in the infirmary pumps being larger and capable of being used by various users while the personal ones are inevitably smaller and catering to a single user.


breast pump


This product helps you accomplish many-a-goals in your career while not worrying about feeding your child back at home. Other than that, a breast pump helps increase your milk supply by stimulating milk production. It helps feed those premature babies who cannot latch onto the nipple.


Things to consider when getting a Breast Pump


These are some of the things you should keep in mind while out and about to purchase the best breast pump:



Many parents complain that pre-packaged foods usually contain some nutriments that might actually be allergens to their kids. Recent statistics reveal that the same parents opt for baby food makers so they have full control over the food their babies eat. This way, they do not complicate things any further and can worry about things that really matter.



While dealing with a breast pump, you must look out for a couple of things. You should ensure that the milk is collected is the correct amount (if it is an electrical breast pump). You should also guarantee that the sound it emits isn’t too loud. If these boxes are ticked on, you don’t have much to worry about.


Level of Quietness

While there isn’t really a machine that is completely quiet yet, the amount of sound it makes may varies from super loud to extremely quiet. However, according to reader reviews, the quieter and more concealed it is, the better.


The best breast pumper should have all of the features listed above without any compromise on any respect.




In conclusion, a breast pump is a device that has been specifically crafted for the benefit of women. If you’re a working woman who has to divide her time equally between work and home, this will help you greatly. If your pregnancy was a problematic one, it will rush to your help in catering to the needs of the child you love. The ones listed above are the some of the best breast pumper in the current market. Now, that we’ve reached the end of our review, it is up to you to choose which breast pumper best suits your purpose. May this help you reach the right decision!


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