GB LYFE Travel System


The GB Lyfe Travel System, Merlot is a luxurious child/toddler stroller with technically perfect design and construction. After analyzing the main frames, parts, attachments and the wheels I can tell you this product is safe to use and it offers highest level of comfort for your child. The manufacturers have taken sufficient care in choosing the skin friendly kind of materials for the seat, recliner; leg rest, cup holder and the other parts which come directly in contract with your and the child skin.

Main Features

  • Comfort: – The structure of the seat is designed to accommodate the child in a comfortable position. The alignment of the headrest, hand rest and the foot rest can be adjusted according to the height and size of the child. The gap between the child’s body and the inner frame of the travel system allows sufficient air circulation and freedom from stress. The cushioning at the base, back and the sides ensure complete shock absorption, allowing the child to relax and sleep when you drive your car through curves and terrains.
  • Safety: – The wheel and the handle system form the base of the completely safe system.  The engineering grade metallic frame is supported by a flexible push-pull lever system.  The safety harness system wraps the child’s body completely from the shoulders through the chest until the hip. You can use the flexible extenders to adjust the tightness of the harness according to the child’s body size. The system is designed to prevent the child from bending forward, yet it keeps the child in comfortable position. Flexible brakes in the system ensure protection from accidental skid and roll on inclined planes, snowy surfaces and grass.
  • Protection: – The overhead wrapper is made of water and thermal proof flexible material. The multiple layer cushioned protective system prevents dust, heat and humidity from affecting the child’s skin and body completely.
  • Luxury: – The aesthetic design of the GB Lyfe Travel System, Merlot offers complete luxury with the color, texture and shape. You can choose from a wide range of models based on the color and construction patterns.

GB Lyfe Travel System, Merlot – Pros

  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Enhanced tensile strength and flexibility for the frames.
  • Easily rotating wheels (helps in dynamic change in the direction of movement).
  • Flexible glide on board which allows the child to rest comfortably.
  • Strong frame with easy folding, assembling and disassembling features.
  • Comfortable storage space for carrying clothes and articles needed for the child.
  • Flexible handles offer complete control over the maneuvering of the stroller.
  • Shock proof construction protects the child from vibrations and shocks while strolling.

GB Lyfe Travel System, Merlot – Probable Cons

  • The harness tightness may cause the child to get restless in the initial stages. Once s/he gets used to the comfort and safety, s/he will feel conditioned to the system.
  • The synthetic material used in the canopy might cause a feeling of discomfort to the child when covered fully. You need to adjust the protection cover depending on the surrounding and the environment conditions.

Top reasons to Choose GB Lyfe Travel System, Merlot

  • Multiple modes of transportation (strolling and carriage by car).
  • Large wheels offer complete control and protection.
  • Cozy environment for the resting and napping of the child.
  • Skin friendly upholstery and hygienic environment (free from all types of toxic fumes, UV, heat and humidity).
  • Best for the growing children as the framework allows sufficient space to change postures in a comfortable and safe manner.


The Gb Lyfe Travel System, Merlot is perhaps the most recommended model for the complete comfort and safety of your child. I can say this based on the core design, flexible and protective construction and the skin friendly materials used in the upholstery.

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