Top 10 Bottle Sterilizers- Best Choice to Cleanse All the Items for Your Baby

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Introduction – Best Choice to Cleanse All the Items for Your Baby


It’s a wonderful moment, when you take care of your newborn baby. You always try to ensure that your baby is cheerful and happy and has no trouble. However, the microscopic germs, often present in baby care items, may turn out to be the biggest threats. You never want your baby to get infected, and that’s why you need to thoroughly sterilize all the accessories of your little babe. To do so efficiently, you may use the best bottle sterilizer.


Bottle sterilizer- Get an idea on it


We can consider bottle sterilizer as a kind of special device, useful for cleaning baby bottles and other accessories. The time for sterilizing these bottles and the quantity of water to be added are not same for all sterilize.


Why do you use the sterilizer?


Most of the baby care experts recommend moms to cleanse the bottle before using it for the first time. It keeps your baby away from all the health hazards. Moreover, every breastfeeding mom should recognize that bacteria may grow from milk. And so, the pacifiers, teats and all other parts must be disinfected.



Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer


Wabi Baby has offered one of the innovative bottle sterilizers. Though many people believe that electric sterilizer cannot make the bottles dry immediately, you won’t find such inconvenience with this product. The integrated drier allows you to accomplish the process within a short period (one hour, 45 minutes or 30 minutes). This sterilizer has also an ability to hold almost 8 bottles. So, you may cleanse bowls, plates, cutlery and many such parts.


While reviewing this product, we have found that the users would not have any hassle because one simple button does all the works.




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Dr. Brown’s Electric Steam Sterilizer


Bottle sterilization may become easy with this Dr. Brown’s product. What we love about this product is the enough space, available in the basket. You can put into your syringes, pacifiers and other objects for disinfection. The manufacturer has also offered you a cup so that you can pour water of the right amount. You can also store nipple tongs without any problem. The sterilizer is able to clean 6 bottles within twelve minutes. But, you have to pour only the purified water into this system. While you have not done so, you may have problems with the accumulation of mineral. Thus, to use the system safely, you have to follow this instruction.





Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Sterilizer


If you love electric steam bottle sterilizer, this is another option for you. Within five minutes, the system removes almost 99 percent of the bacteria. You don’t need to be concerned on the brand of your baby bottles because the sterilizer accepts bottles of all types. The extra tray is also useful to the users. You are going to get a long-term value from the sterilizer because you can use it to care for all babies and toddlers. Spoon, plates and all such items can be sterilized effortless.





Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Sterilizer


We have already reviewed a Dr Brown’s sterilizer, and this is another model with little difference. The manufacturer has tried to offer a superior design that has no open base. Thus, the water will not flow and there is no possibility of deposits. If you don’t have Dr. Brown’s bottle, you have no problem. The sterilizer is able to hold other branded bottles.


There is another feature for which the users love this sterilizer. The detachable tray helps you in positioning a bottle rightly. Thus, the steam can also get a direct access to this bottle. For absolute sterilization, we recommend you to buy this model.





Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steam Sterilizer


If you like to protect your newborn baby from all the bacterial, Tommee Tippee gives you another option for sterilization. With an effective mechanism, this model allows you to kill the smallest microbes, present in your baby’s bottles. It does not consume considerable space in your kitchen. For the fuss-free sterilization method, you do not need to add chemicals.


However, the users have reported that they need to clean their sterilizer regularly. So, you can try to wipe out the water inside the system. You may sanitize all the feeding kits, bottles and teats with this sterilizer





Lil’ Jumbl Intelligent Baby Kettle Electric Hot Water Kettle


For fastest steaming of water, Lil’ Jumbl presents you with an exclusive model. While you are in a hurry, you can turn on this model for having hot water instantly. Keep up the health of your baby by serving only the purified water. Within five minutes, the system kills microbes to provide you with purified water. This technically advanced kettle is also efficient in maintaining the temperature level. Thus, depending on the amount of heat you want, you may set this temperature. The push buttons are also the positive feature that gained appreciation from lots of users.





Little Matisse Multifunctional Intelligent Baby Bottle Sterilizer


This Little Matisse’s product is equipped with a high-tech technology that is able to sterilize a bottle and dry it simultaneously. Your baby will have no harm as the sterilizer destroys all bacteria. Designed with a high-quality material, this sterilizer performs more than one function. And thus, you may save much amount of time. You can not only sterilize the bottle, but also heat up your baby’s milk. The device also allows you to steam up foods or vegetables. Set the temperature level, depending on what you want to do. After sterilizing the bottle, you may also activate the option of drying.





Chicco NaturalFit 3-in-1 Modular Baby Bottle Sterilizer


Lots of parents love this 3-in-1system of Chicco NaturalFit. While you are much busy and have no time to wait, this quick sterilizer is the best option for you. From your baby’s bottles and pacifiers to the small toys- everything can be sanitized with this model. This sterilization system has 3 modes of operation. For instance, microwave mode is good for the fastest solution. Compact option is suitable for efficient performance and the full-size option gives the utmost convenience. If you choose the second mode for sterilization, you may save thirty percent energy and time. The first mode can do its work within four minutes. In locked condition, the sterilizer allows you to keep everything sanitized for one day.





Babymoov Turbo Steam Electric Sterilizer


This is another sterilizer that we like to review for all the new moms. Just like many other models, it is also able to sterilize six bottles simultaneously. Place it on your countertop and sanitize the bottles at any time you want. Babymoov has offered one of the reliable products for the parents. After making a comparison of several other models, we have observed, it is that 2-in-1 bottle sterilizer, which has introduced drying system for the first time.


Designed with patented steam injecting technology, it is efficient in sanitizing all the bottles. Most of the users have claimed that the model is highly intuitive. With only limited energy consumption capacity, this device does its work within ten minutes. Moreover, you have no chance of pouring excessive water because Babymoov offers you a measuring cup to add right amount of water.





Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Steam Warming System


Born Free has gained positive response from parents because of its excellent user-friendliness. You can safely heat up breast milk for your baby. You don’t need to use your sink because a water tank is already present with it. The memory of the warmer allows you to know about your previous configurations. There’s also LED light system that remains activated throughout the cycle. In addition to it, stainless design also harmonizes with the décor of your house.


During our reviews, we have also noticed that its dial gauge is easily readable. What is more, you can get removable cooler, allowing your bottles to become compatible to feeding throughout the night.




Buying Guide for Bottle Sterilizers

Not all the users like all features at the same way. And there are some extra features to any products you may avoid. There are some things that may differ in every product that are accepted by diverse types of users. We are evaluating several things to help you choose the bottle sterilizers for your baby as per your choice and necessity.

Bottle sterilizer of various types

Microwave sterilizers

Lots of users prefer this model because there is no need of adding any chemical. Another positive feature of this sterilizer is that you will not have the hassle of rinsing any item. Only the steam or heat kills all the germs or bacteria. You may also keep your baby care items sterilized for almost one day. But, its lids must tightly lock the sterilizer.


You need only 3 to 8 minutes for sterilization of bottles, and it varies, on the basis of unit and wattage of microwave. However, any metal object can never be cleaned with this microwave system.


Cold water bottle sterilizers

If you have chosen this kind of sterilizer, then you need to use sterilizing liquids or tablets. Disinfect the bottles of your babies by using cold water. Most of these sterilizers have a durable lid and a resilient container. To accomplish the sterilization process, you may soak the items in your solution, and wait for about thirty minutes. For twenty four hours, this solution is reusable to all the users.


Electric sterilizers working with steam

It has one similarity with the microwave sterilization models. You won’t have to apply chemical on it. Only plug the system in your wall, and all the harmful microbes will lose their power due to heat. With this sterilizer also, you may get the benefit for twenty hours, if you have closed its lid. While you have no microwave unit, this sterilizer is best for you. The time, needed for sterilization, varies from 6 to 20 minutes.


UV sterilizer

It is one of the innovative options, helpful during your travelling. This sterilizer does not work with microwave and electricity, but it needs UV rays of sun for killing bacteria. Thus, this is the portable system as you can get UV rays anywhere. However, since it is very small in size, you have to dismantle the parts of bottles while disinfecting them. But, the users have claimed that this model is not good, when they want to sanitize multiple accessories.


Now, we have chosen some of the recommendable bottle sterilizers that have gained the attention of lots of users. You may go through their features and unique abilities to pick the right one.


Bottle Sterilizer


We can consider bottle sterilizer as a kind of special device, useful for cleaning baby bottles and other accessories. The time for sterilizing these bottles and the quantity of water to be added are not same for all sterilizers.

What should you consider for buying bottle sterilizer?


Only some simple knowledge on sterilizer is not enough to make decision on the purchase. Most of the parents want to be aware of other aspects of this sterilizer. Though the recognized brands have tried to make their products sophisticated, there are some differences among them. Thus, to purchase the best baby bottle sterilizer, you have to consider-


Size and capacity of bottle sterilizer

All sterilizers are not same in size, and their capacity varies from 2 to 8 bottles. However, if the neck of your baby bottles is very wide, then it may consume much space. For formula-feeding, there is a need of sterilization several times because the babies should have feeding on a regular basis. In this case, you may want six bottles every day. So, you have to know how many bottles the sterilizer can accommodate in every cycle.



Most of the moms want such sterilizers that they can use for a number of years. While you have newborn baby, you may need to clean bottles, nipples, lids, breast milk pumping system, pacifier and many other parts. But, after the growth of your baby, this sterilizer can become useful for sterilizing bowls and cups.



Many sterilizers allow you to disassemble the parts, and you have to put them together before use. However, the busy moms do not like to do these tasks several times.



If you are using microwave sterilizer, then we recommend you to avoid plastic. It is because this material gets melted, and many users have reported injuries because of this nature of plastic. So, you may choose the most durable bottle sterilizer.


Compact design

If the model is big, you cannot place it on your small countertop. So, look for a design, which is not only compact but also has enough space for holding different bottles, including the tall and wide ones.


Drying mode

Though your main target is the sterilization, you may want to find this feature to dry the bottles instantly. Nowadays, many parents have no time to wait for a number of hours until the bottles dry naturally. That is why the manufacturers have added a special system for drying the baby bottles instantly after sterilization. Thus, the drying mode is one of the factors that you may consider while purchasing bottle sterilizers.


There are some more features that you can avail with sterilizer-


  • Brushes and tongs
  • Alarm system after the device has accomplished the process of sterilization
  • A tray
  • Cups
  • A warning to indicate extremely high temperature
  • Filter unit
  • A separate system for sterilizing the items automatically



So, you can make your decision after getting an idea from our reviews and guide. We always want you to pay for the best bottle sterilizer because your baby’s safety is the foremost concern to you. These sterilizers help you to stay free of tension during the feeding time.


There are often many discount offer up to 70% in amazon. Do check for the these options with our link and know the benefit of saving your bank some bucks.


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