Top 11 Sprayers To Boost Growth of Your Plants and How to Buy Them.

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1, November 2020
Bottom Line

A good piece of equipment with a capacity of 4 gallons , it makes  it easy to fill it once and continue your job for longer duration.


The Pump has 150 PSI pressure for hard to reach areas and a low continuous 25 PSI for easy spraying which is a great feature.

The backpack shoulder support which is padded and also has a waist strap.


The handle grip is poor in quality which wears out within months.

Wallet Saver

Bottom Line
Automatic Sprayer with easy to has Rechargable battery .it has Changable spray nozzle which makes it perfect choice.


It is Automatic so you don’t need to manually pump it, the spraying strength is good which can reach 20 feets and it is rechargable and cordless equipment.

it has 1 year parts warranty.


The pressure is not enough as compared to manual pump.

Bottom Line

Compact and  great design of the  product Tear drop shape for more stability. Pressure release valve.easy to use for indoors.


it is battery compressed-air style sprayer that is designed to spray water soluble solutions, such as herbicides, pesticides, & other liquid chemical.

it has Adjustable nozzle point which can change the width.


with large number of parts its installation is difficult.

Bottom Line

Non Reactive heavy duty stainless steel makes it  durable. wide mouth opening for easy filling and a  pressure relieve valve.


with large bowl-shaped water mouth opening, it is convenient and easy for filling, cleaning and less wastage.

The pump has a complete seal kit to store it properly which increase its life.


it has cheap and non durable body.

Bottom Line

Perfect for indoors, small and efficient. translucant tank  to make refill easy job. No leakage and heavy duty plastic body is perfect.


The body is made up of heavy duty plastic makes it lightweight

and strong.

It has compact size which is perfect for also has free replacement option available.


it has no shoulder straps to carry it during spraying.

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Top 11 Sprayers


Field King Professional Pump Backpack Sprayer 190328

No Leakage : Excellent.

Capacity : 4 gallons.

Spraying Power : 150 PSI.

Long Wand  :  increases reach upto 10 ft.


Different Nozzles  : Brass narrow wide and  fog.

Strong lumbar support.

Assembling : Easy and perfect.

Durability: High.

A good piece of equipment out of Top 11 Sprayers with a capacity of 4 gallons , it makes  it easy to fill it once and continue your job for longer duration. with  different types of nozzle varieties including brass adjustable nozzle (enables stream to cone patterns), wide flat fan nozzle (red, 0.25 GPM, angled at 70°), narrow flat fan nozzle (yellow, 0.15 GPM, angled at 30°), and foaming nozzle.The Product is unmatched it can create pressure  upto 150 PSI perfect for those hard-to-reach areas and also the included pressure regulator maintains a low, continuous 25 PSI. 


It has long pump extension made it easy to keep the pressure in the tank and even a long wand  which  can reach upto 10ft. Strong spray pattern makes it perfect for the  job.
The wide mouth of the tank with a screen allows you to pour chemical easily into the sprayer and the screen catches anything that might fall into it so that the  mixture be always clean to spray .

It has  backpack portion of it has padded straps and a connecting two part quick connecting harness, so it does fit well and comfortable to the chest and back.

Internal No Leak Pump design is safer to use chemicals will not drip down your back. The highest quality viton seals can be used with wet table powders and liquids for all applications does the work of both a piston and diaphragm backpack.It has internal paddles these built-in agitator can handle liquids, powders, and water-soluble solutions. Internal paddles, activated by pump action, keeps them mixed, in solution, and ready to spray.It is resistant to chemicals and  can endure large intervals between spraying.Easy Installation it is strong and rigid, has very easy final assembly with just attaching and bolting on the pump arm, along with attaching the final segment of the spraying wand and the choice of spray head. The shoulder straps have a cross strap that keeps them from sliding off and there is a waist strap that takes most of the weight off the shoulders.



  • adjustable Nozzle variations.
  • 150 PSI - perfect for those hard-to-reach and a low, continuous 25 PSI .
  • Long pump extension and 10 ft reach wand.


  • Little handle griping issue.
  • Make different noises.

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Field King 190571 Battery Powered 2 Gallon Pump Sprayer


No Pumping  : Automatic

Rechargeable and  cordless tool.
Adjustable nozzle : made it easy to set the spray width.
Lithium battery : more lifetime between recharges.
Reach : It can spray upto 20 to 30 feets.
Warranty :Limited 1-year with free replacement parts.

Field King Professional 190571 backpack sprayer is a great product , best thing about this product is that it is battery operated which simply means that you don’t need to put your efforts first in building up the pressure and then even more efforts to manually pump every time you want to spray.

No more pumping! Compressor keeps pressure constant at 20 psi for consistent application.Even if you have a ton of plants to feed With this battery powered sprayer you can get the job done with a lot less effort in about thirty stop getting tired of the old manual pump and try this new technology.

The best thing is the high quality lithium-ion battery that will last for 12 fill-ups, no decrease in the air pump speed from the first to the last run so it is far easier to use and the job is completed even faster because the refilling and re-pressurizing process is so fast and easy.On the top of the carry handle is an on/off switch with a green LED to show if it is on or not which is very helpful. With it on, it turns on a small compressor inside the carry handle and it will come on periodically when the pressure drops as you are spraying such a great automated feature.The teardrop-shaped tank adds stability due to the lower center of gravity and includes built-in nozzle storage and protection.Lockable shut-off to reduce hand fatigue and an easy-to-clean, in-line filtration system. Extra long, heavy duty non-corrosive wand.There is Pressure Relief Valve , it safely releases pressure before removing the pump for preventing chemicals from spraying on you.

so you get a clean and perfect spraying job done. viton seals are provided for maximum chemical resistance.4 nozzles included: Brass adjustable, 2 flat fans, and foaming nozzle. Also accepts Tee Jet nozzles.Limited 1-year with free replacement parts.


  • The rechargeable pump in the handle is easy to charge and operate.
  • Limited 1-year with free replacement parts.
  • 21-inch poly wand with Viton seals in shut-off for long-term resistance to chemicals


  • The strap is little uncomfortable.
  • the battery is the tank cover so you need to remove it to refill.
  • pressure is somewhat low.


Scotts 190567 2 Gallon Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump


Capacity : 2 gallons

Light weight and easy to carry.

Automatic : No pumping.

Rechargable : Great!!

Lithium Battery : Longer Life.


Safely Valve : releases pressure before removing the pump.

Durable : 21-inch poly wand with Viton seals.


Adjustable Nozzle : 3-In-1 nozzle with three settings: fan spray, stream spray, and cone spray



Scotts 190567 has capacity of 2 gallons it comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying , this model is not too heavy and quite appreciated product .it is battery-powered compressed-air style sprayer that is designed to spray water soluble solutions, such as herbicides, pesticides, & other liquid chemicals typically used for weed prevention, Weed remediation, pest control, fertilizing, & watering.It operates by pressuring the air above the fluid in the tank, which causes the fluid to be pushed through the hose, to the nozzle, and sprayed out .

The rechargeable lithium-ion power battery makes it powerful and lasts for long spraying periods.the battery is in the handle, so there is no extra charging station with a battery which makes it compact and easy to is too simple to connect together and start spraying straightaway. when it is fully charged it can go upto 12 sprays and it will start blinking when there is only 25% charge left so you will know when to recharge it. scotts has a longstanding reputation for quality so there are less chances of damage or failure even if it happens they are always ready with their great customer support and Limited 3-year with free replacement parts promise.

The wand , 21-inch poly wand with Viton seals in shut-off for long-term resistance to chemicals is great.Lockable shut-off to reduce hand fatigue, a nickel-plated brass poppet for strength and precision and an easy-to-clean. it has in-line filtration system also Extra long and heavy duty non-corrosive .The tip of the wand has 3 different configurations for the spray: straight, cone, or fan, all of which are selected by simply turning the sprayer tip. The compressor will turn itself on and off as needed to maintain adequate air pressure for spraying.There is Pressure Relief Valve , it safely releases pressure before removing the pump for preventing chemicals from spraying on you.


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion Power
  • Safety pressure release valve
  • Tear drop tank shape for stability.


  • Proper Installation is required with larger number of parts. .
  • It definitely is not a fogger.


CLICIC Professional Backpack (1.5 Gallon) Stainless Steel


Type : Manual Pumping.

Valve & Pressure Gauge

Reach : sprays at least 5-6 feet.


A large bowl-shaped water mouth opening, it is convenient and easy for filling, cleaning and less spilling.

Stainless components are  durable  easy  to clean and chemical resistant .

Complete seal  kit for storage.

CLICIC Stainless Steel Sprayer is a better product as compared to the plastic body sprayers. most of the sprayers get thrown away after long intervals between sprays because of non durability , it has every part made from stainless steel including pump, tank, cover, wand, pump handle and wand handle steel makes it noncorrosive and resistant to mixtures which in turns increases its durability and life.

There is valve & pressure gauge on this sprayer which display the amount of pressure inside the tank can adjust and accurately pump to the ideal working pressure range.

Valve is important to release the pressure even after operation to prevent mixture from spilling on the person who operates.It is quite perfect for the indoor as well as outdoor usage.It has curved nozzle design which is adjustable for different types of spraying needs such shower spray, water column spray etc.

Featuring a large bowl-shaped water mouth opening, it is convenient and easy for filling, cleaning and less spilling. You can easily assemble it since it has limited non confusing parts. in case for maintainance and cleaning it is quite simple to seprate the parts and clean. This sprayer provides a precise, on target, nondrift spray effective for soil and lawn pests.


  • Valve & Pressure Gauge
  • Stainless components means durable and easy cleaning
  • A large bowl-shaped water mouth opening, it is convenient and easy for filling, cleaning and less spilling.


  • Light Body .
  • more mixture per stroke.


Chapin white Nozzle based 2 Gallon 20542


Capacity : 2 Gallons.

Easy to Carry  and  Pump.

Pressure: 40 – 60 PSI.

Reach  : 25 Feet .

Adjustable Nozzle.

Wide Mouth Opening for easy filling.

Suitable for small spraying tasks such as lawns.


Nitrile Sealing for no leakage.






The Chapin 2 gallons poly lawn and garden sprayer is ideal for weed control, pest control and fertilizers.It has small  and compact size , it is build with very robust, heavy duty plastic instead of the stainless steel  which makes  it lighter  also suitable for  indoor use .

it includes two nozzles one is a foaming nozzle for using less material with increased accuracy of spray on your target and another one is the adjustable cone nozzle that casts numerous spray patterns.The lightweight and  rust-free polyethylene tank is translucent so it is easy to moniter the fluid levels for proper refilling. the tank with a wide funnel top for easy filling and cleaning,it make sure that mixture is not wasted while pouring into it.The  tank has  anti-clog filter which make mixture consistent for spraying.

It is compatible with Common fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides, you can use adjustable spray/flow Rate between 0. 4 and 0. 5 GPM which is very common for liquid mixtures.The product is made in the USA with global materials and with all standards being followed.


  • heavy duty plastic makes it lightweight.
  • Compact size for indoors.
  • Quality Product with Replacement option.


  • No strap to carry , need to use the handle.
  • sophisticated pump shaft.


Chapin 4 gallon Backpack Sprayer 61500


Capacity : 4-Gallon no need to refill again and again.

20 Inch Extension Wand.


Excellent pressure and good coverage , can reach the full height of the trees with good saturation.

Adjustable Poly Spray Nozzle.

Easy  Cleaning you  can shut off parts quickly to clean debris.

With this much of capacity of spread , it can cover half acre within 15 minutes.


2-Stage filtration system, one filter at the top and another filter at shut-off.




The Chapin 4 Gallon Poly Lawn and Garden sprayer with foaming and adjustable cone nozzle is ideal for weed control, pest control and fertilizers.The chief praise is for the real no leak feature that this tank offers.

The tank is sealed all the way through so there is no issue with any part becoming loose causing chemicals to stream down your back suddenly. This is an excellent feature for usage and overall safety.the tank comes in a square like shape and only weigh 10 pounds.

This is a great asset and already a point in favor of the design. It has the same amount of holding capacity as almost all of the sprayers out there while managing to be lighter and smaller in size.The size and weight make a lot more comfortable to carry than many other backpack sprayers out there.The lightweight, rust-free polyethylene tank is translucent so it’s easy to check fluid levels to be certain about refill includes two nozzle which are a foaming nozzle for using less material with increased accuracy of spray on your target and an adjustable cone nozzle that casts numerous spray patterns to give you many choices.

The tank has Anti-Clog Filter which make mixture consistent for spraying.Tank Mouth Opening which is 3 Inches wide and funnel like design is great to refill without spilling.

The sprayer has a piston pump system that has a good pump to spray ratio overall .the sprayer has an adjustable tip which will spray a stream or a wider pattern for close up work. The stream will reach up to 10 feet or more. This sprayer can operate with 40 – 60 PSI which can reach trees and hard to reach points.the spray handle is one of the most unique as you can take the entire shut-off assembly apart for cleaning and maintenance.You can use it for lawn maintenance for spot spraying for weeds such as crabgrass and clover, to prevent brown patches on your lawn with this unit.It’s easy to use, and the padded straps offer a layer of comfort while working outdoors for long periods of time.


  • Great padded shoulder straps for easy carrying.
  • Shut-off assembly for cleaning.
  • 20 Inch Extension Wand.


  • Durability as compared to steel ones.
  • Need to Learn Proper Handling.


Chapin 15-Gallon 12-Volt EZ Mount International 97200B


Huge Capacity : 15 gallons is much better than continuously having to mix up 3 gallon batches.

Automatic : shuts off the motor when not spraying, no Manual ON/OFF required.

Pressure : 40 PSI.

High performing 12-volt diaphragm pump and dual filtration system.



Reach : 30 Foot Max Vertical Spray.
18 Foot Max Horizontal Spray.

Size  :  18 Inch Wand.

15 Foot Reinforced Hose.

Easy to Drain Tank :  Plug Attached To Tank.

Chapin EZ Mount 15-Gallon 12-Volt ATV/UTV Sprayer is the best of the class, first important thing is  the  size , the thing  which  actually matter alot , instead of filling and refilling of other smaller sprayer,it can be filled once and can be  used for  like  hours. with capacityof 15 gallons it is superb for  huge spraying needs. you can cover entire garden even before need to refill it is  suitable for residential or professional use.since  it is big in  size we need to use  an ATV, UTV, or lawn/garden tractor.


it works perfectly with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, weed killers.Heavy-duty translucent poly tank allows you to determine fluid levels is  always better to have  5″ wide tank mouth for safe, easy filling and cleaning with less mess.


High performing 12-volt diaphragm pump and dual filtration system.the wand can sprays up to a staggering 35 ft. vertically and 25 ft. horizontally.


At consistant 40 PSI pressure allows you to quickly cover a lot of also  has 15-Foot Reinforced Hose If you have spots where an ATV/tractor can’t go, this is a must-have.


It is made of highly durable, corrosion-resistant material .it also includes a wand dock clip to fasten and secure wand when idle.the lock on Feature allows you to lock the sprayer in the “open” position which Reduces fatigue and is great for large jobs requiring extended coverage.Drain Plug Attached To Tank which makes it easy to empty.
chapin products have been manufactured with excellence in the United States using global components for more than 130 years.with a good reputation this pump is a good product.



  • Strong spray with 40 PSI pressure.
  • High performing 12-volt diaphragm pump and dual filtration system.
  • Drain Plug Attached To Tank for Cleaning.


  • Heavy to Carry , require vehicle.
  • Suitable for longer jobs.


Hudson 4 Gallons Commercial Bak-Pak Sprayer 13194


Capacity : 4 gallons.

No leakage :  heavy duty body.

Nozzle adapters  : with 4 different  types of spray.

Durable : Not affected by reactive mixtures.

Pressure realease control valve.

Strong fiberglass  spray wand with side-arm pressurizing lever .

Hudson 13194 is a  commercial  backpack sprayer with many essential features such as extra large fill opening prevents spills when adding is important to avoid wastage and mess.

it has Bonus nozzle system with 4 different spray settings which you  can  set as  per your choice.since it is to be lifted so chemical-resistant straps with adjustable pads are provided for easy lifting for long session of feature is the ability to change the  operating  hand , you  can choose left or right handed pumping action as per your choice, in many other sprayers hand operation is  fixed but  here  you can spray with ease.

It  has extra long 20” fiberglass/poly spray wand which can reach difficult places and increase spraying  reach with precision.

The body is translucent yellow to moniter levels of  liquid. 48” PVC power sprayer-style hose with a locking large poly control valve makes it a great deal.powerful piston pump increases the strength of spray and also can be used with hard fertilizers.this product comes with  a  1 year warranty which is quite appreciable.


  • Strong Fiber Glass wand.
  • Durable iressistant to chemicals.
  • 48” PVC power sprayer-style hose


  • straps are uncomfortable.


Ironton 1 GPM 12 Volt 5 Gallon ATV Spot Sprayer


 Capacity : 5 gallons .
12ft. maximum vertical spray which can be used for trees .
20ft. maximum horizontal spot Sprayer treats small areas with precision .
Polymer Tank  which is chemical and UV resistant.
In-line switch allows you to turn the sprayer on and off .
Easy  to assemble 8ft. wire harness with battery clamps.
This Ironton sprayer has 5 gallons capacity which makes it suitable for  large and professional spraying is  a perfect product if you compare it with other same type of sprayers in the  market.its first feature is a  specially designed polymer tank is chemical- and UV-resistant, with thick walls for structural integrity which makes it a tough and strong.

It is made for heavy use you will need and atv or smaller vehicle to carry and move it.It has many unmatched features one of them is the reliable 1 GPM  pump combined with the included spray gun to deliver a maximum vertical spray height of 12ft. and maximum horizontal spray distance of 20ft. using it you can spray on trees gardens,long bushes etc. also Adjustable stream-to-cone nozzle with 10 feet of hose which makes it easy to control the spread of spray.

The Tank has many good features such as  it has gallon markings for easy level check and also a drain plug at the bottom of the  tank  for easy cleaning and rinsing. it has automatic pump which automatically turns off at 40 psi.There is also an inline switch which allows you to turn the sprayer on and off without leaving the driver’s seat. it  also  has 8ft. wire harness with battery clamps which easily connects and disconnects from  battery of your also has large 4inch diameter tank lid for easy filling which reduces spilling and wastage of mixture during filling.  


  • Non Reactive Tank.
  • 8ft. wire harness .
  • automatically turns off at 40 psi.


  • not suitable for indoor.
  • require vehicle or tray.


Solo 473-P 90 psi Backpack Sprayer 3 Gallons


Easy filling by remove simple cap.
Different Nozzle Adjustments available.
48inch nylon-reinforced high-pressure hose for extended reach.
Pump handle can be changed from left or right hand  operation.
Pressure Capabilities  upto 90 PSI.
Shut-off valve with lock-on/lock-off feature.
The solo 473-P backpack sprayer is a flexible and ergonomically designed for virtually any spraying task both large and small, especially if you’re looking for a lighter alternative to some of the other backpack sprayers out there. with a proven piston pump, you will be reliably equipped for applying spray liquid or insecticides in your garden. A low number of wearing parts and sturdy technology ensure a long service life and minimum maintenance.

The SOLO 473-P, with connecting rod-actuated piston pump, can produce a wide pressure range of up to 90 psi and is capable of performing virtually every spraying task. Easily and effectively handles liquid disinfectants, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and formulations for tree, shrub and plant protection.

The most significant issue is having to do the pumping by hand. The upside is there are no batteries or electrical devices needed so you can you use it whenever you feel the need to.For medium-to-large jobs at home, on the farm, or for professional applications such as chemicals for plant protection on large private or public gardens, decorative plants, shrubs, greenhouses, agricultural crops and weed has viton seals in key locations ensure long service and durability.

Best feature is the ability to change the  operating  hand , you  can choose left or right handed pumping action as per your choice, in many other sprayers hand operation is  fixed but  here  you can spray with ease. Extra-large tank openings for easier filling and cleaning along with a rugged metal frame for stability when filling .  


  • 90 PSI Capability.
  • Interchangable Hand operation.
  • Shut off Valve to reduce fatigue.


  • cap mounted which fall frequently.


VIVOSUN 2.0 Gallon Sprayer with Pressure Relief Valve


Easy  Filling.

Warranty:  1 year warranty.

Capacity : 2 gallons

Easy to Carry and spray.

Extra-long  56.6 cm wand.

Padded shoulder  strap for easy carrying .


VIVOSUN  Multi- Functional sprayer is worth the price, the commitment of quality and assured performance makes it  unbeatable in terms of being compact and easy to operate . with  capacity of two gallons makes it comfortable to carry  and suitable for small spraying  jobs. in case if  you have a  lawn or a garden and  you want to spray by carrying  it ,it is quite perfect for that.

The mechanics of the pump and sprayer work smoothly,it is so easy to pump and the spray is very strong if you pump it up fully, so just get a quality one like this to begin with and you will not be disappointed.most of the times, a  large portion of mixture is wasted due  to spill or non easy refill but with large bowl spout it is so simple and easy to fill it  properly without any difficulties ,Easy Top  Screw Filling  is also plays important role also the the full-round base providing better stability. you  can use it to water the garden with regular water, It seems to keep the liquids more fresh because they are not exposed to the air so they last longer, and it is easy to apply liquids to the bottom of the plants without spraying the leaves or stems on accident.

You can adjust the spray to be more or less focused.the strong strap is a nice option if you are carrying over appreciable distances.Comes with two spray wounds, shoulder strap, and extra ring gaskets if you ever need to replace.

Spray is adjustable to your liking. Handel can be locked, spray while finger on the trigger and all so lock trigger while down to spray for continuous spray down .One big feature this item has is a good pressure relief system to avoid over-pumping and to let pressure off before you open it, both of which have got to add to longevity. It has a better trigger, too, which decreases the chance of having a worn trigger that either doesn’t spray when you want it to or keeps spraying when you don’t which is especially important when/if spraying herbicide around “good” plants. the machine is not heavy at all.

The long wand solved the problem with getting to the roots of low bushy plants.Durable and high quality, but not expensive and it comes with extra gaskets.Unlike other invisible bottle, this VIVOSUN pump pressure sprayer contains a translucent bottle with calibration scale. You can easily check the fluid level and know exactly when to refill.The comfort- grip handle has a shut-off valve, so you can carry the sprayer over your shoulder and rest your hand while keeping a constant flow.1 year warranty for this pump pressure sprayer also the VIVOSUN  Company promise to fix any problem and answer to your questions as quick as they can.


  • Translucent design allows you to monitor the amount of liquid to refill.
  • 56.6 cm-long wand for hard-to-reach places.
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use.


  • only for small spray jobs.

Buying Guide

The following are the instructions which can help you to buy the best product available for your need.

How To Buy The Best Sprayer For Your Plants



A spraying job can vary in terms of size ,number of need of refills on basis on area to be sprayed .Sprayers available in the market comes in all 2 t0 30 gallon capacity to meet these demands.

Automatic or Manual

A Sprayer can be manual or an automatic one. manual sprayers are little hard to use but provide more pressure as compared to the automated ones.

Reach/Spread of the Spraying wand

It is important to go for the wand with maximum reach as well as it must be able to clearly spread the mixture.

Adjustable Nozzle Tip

If you plan to purchase a sprayer with lots of extra features, look for one that lets you control the flow and the shape of the mixture which is being sprayed. sometimes it required a thin and cone shaped nozzle to reach maximum height but sometimes it needs wide spread to cover the maximum nearby plants.

Body Material of Container

Some sprayers come with plastic body where as many of them are available in a metallic one. a plastic body is less stronger than metal body but lighter than the metal body whereas metal body is strong but also heavier than the plastic body so choose wisely.

Pressure gauge and valve

The most important thing about spraying is pressure in the container with a  good gauge or meter it is quite comfortable to set required pressure. and a safety pressure release valve is must to have since it removes the  pressure from the tank before opening it.

Use of Proper Fertilizers and Mixtures.

To get the spraying job perfectly done it is quite important to choose the correct fertilizer mixture. use the mixture which can be atomized at the pressure of the sprayer that you are buying.some of the fertilizers mixtures require more pressure and some of them are quite corrosive .


Spraying is an easy job if you use a sprayer with a switch on the wand ,it cause less fatigue. Make sure the sprayer you are buying  has one.

What To Look For When Buying A Sprayer

The important things to consider when you are buying a  sprayer –

Pressure Pump

The main thing is  the  pressure so we need adequate pressure to do the  job cannot reach the desired distance as well the required spread shape without a good amount of pressure. so pay close attention to the pump value.


Filteration  System

To keep the spraying  mixture clean and non lumpy, some sprayers come with a proper filteration feature that functions in the tank as well as  in the wand. It also clear out the debris and maintains the consistency of the spread.

Pressure Range indicator

This feature lets you know when sprayer is ready to spray and after how much number spray  it looses pressure. this is an important feature to have even because some fertilizers and pesticides only works at a particular pressure.

Extra Features

Having padded straps to carry the sprayer freely as well as  waist support such features increases the efficiency. also the shape of the tank for better stability and it is also important to know how easy it is to empty the tank.

Ease of Filling

It is also important to see how easy it is to fill the tank ,a good tank increases efficiency and reduces wastage and loss.


After researching 13 modules of  over the 79 hours, we chose the best 11 options, reviewed it in details and compare all the metrics in our lab.

How Much Do a Sprayer Cost?


For under $80, there are many good quality sprayers that come with extra features like adjustable nozzles, pressure valve, and shut off ability. Inexpensive and easy to use, these sprayers work well if your spraying demand is not commercial.



Between $119.99 and $219 are backpack sprayers  with a few extra features, battery powered,long hose,pressure gauge. If you want to get a decent sprayer, you can find one in this price range that won’t disappoint.


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